BOOKS by Kevin McNamee-Tweed

$ 35.00

by Kevin McNamee-Tweed

Collectively published and released by Farewell Books, Raw Paw, & Molasses Books in an edition of 300.

Can a book cover be judged by its cover? YES!

Whether you’re a hermit permanently coated in cigarette smoke residue or a mom with a young professional husband, you will love this collection of books. Over 6 yelp reviews can't be wrong when they call this book of drawings of books “very relevant”, “better than the Smithsonian”, and “stupid and smart at the same time.” Fiction-lovers, checkout counter skimmers, professors of Tortoise Shell Glasses Studies, and spiritual non-intellectuals cannot resist this collection of hilarious, snooty, charming, sweet and wacky drawings of invented books. Perfect for people who admittedly don’t read and for your friend who swears to.

Kevin McNamee-Tweed's BOOKS is a collection of over one hundred invented books, magazines, bookmarks, and fake flyers. They are immediately relatable and humorous, literary, and poignant. His BOOKS appeal to both those well-versed in literature and the aesthetics of archetypal book design, as well as to the layman who simply appreciates irreverence and wit. Do you like Allen Ginsberg? William Carlos Williams? How about Dieter Goobersmooch, the stark feel of Jerry Jerryson?

BOOKS has been presented as an exhibition at Co-Lab Projects in Austin, TX and Little Berlin Gallery in Philadelphia, PA, as a fully fabricated bookstore. The complete series of drawings and peripheral documentation of the project is compiled here in full color -- appropriately, in book form. Designed by Farewell Books and printed by Raw Paw Press, the faithfully reproduced collection is organized by Fiction, Non-Fiction, and Ephemera, includes an afterword by Molasses Books owner Matthew Winn and an interview with the artist. Published in an edition of 300.

"This book is how I achieved being a writer without being a good writer or writing anything."

-Kevin McNamee-Tweed


140 page perfect bound book with Letterpress flap cover

first edition of 300