52 Card Pickup by David Jewell and Ric Williams

$ 15.00

120 pages | paperback | 7 x 0.3 x 10 inches | published by Raw Paw 

A poetic conversation between Richard Lance Scow Williams and David Jewell. On August 23, 2013, Ric Williams suggested a project based on some poetry exchanges the two poets had made via email to write poems with the last word of Ric’s poem becoming the first word of David’s poem, and the last word of David’s poem becoming the first word of Ric’s next poem. And so on, like an unfolding chain. In the first book, Last Word/First Word, many of the poems flow onto the page in the same order they were exchanged creating a fun back & forth feeling that someone described as “watching a non-competitive tennis match between two players with different styles of play.” For 52 Card Pickup Jewell proposed a different method of presentation though it adheres to the original last word/first word process. So you can still find word themes and find a last word in one, that is a first word in another, but you can also find a resonance between the particular cards, how the red deck and blue deck two of clubs vibrate with each other or the red deck/blue deck king of hearts, and so on. Also, in this book, Chris Dock of the Internationally acclaimed Raw Paw Press was given more time to work with theme and design ideas, creating a synergy of vibration and expression which translates the work of each poet to another level of experience. The cover is based on a cymatic, the physical imprint a sound wave creates in a 3-D matter. Chris was in a band named The Cymatic. When Jewell and Dock first met, their first discussion was about cymatics, and Chris invited him to a party in which he’d created a projector to show cymatic designs manifested through a bowl of water on the ceiling based on the sound waves of the band’s music. Pick a card, any card. Then pick another.